"Comfort urn TU004"

This artwork embellishes life in multiple locations.
It was thoughtfully designed by our founder Geert Kunen and is intended for bereaved families who want to adorn the life of their loved one in different locations (with a small amount of ashes). After the artwork is modelled with high-quality clay specially developed for us, it is manually sanded, patinated and finished in our workshop. During the firing process, these are coated with a liquid layer of bronze, which adheres to the ceramic. You are therefore guaranteed a unique work of art.


  • Mini urn.
  • Hand-built clay urn with durable bronze-silver finish.
  • Dimensions 7x11x6 cm, capacity 0.1 litre.
  • Mini urn for inside.
  • Engraving is unfortunately not possible due to the size of the urn.
  • Delivery time: In stock, if the urn is not in stock the delivery time is approximately 1 to 3 weeks.
"Comfort urn TU004"